My hot aunt

Giovanna Esse
5 months ago

Original title: La zia di provincia by G. Esse Translator: Mr. Andrew Any reference to existing people or places is purely coincidental.


A letter.

Hi Giovanna, I have just read your wonderful story and found it so completely captivating that coupled with your incredible photos, I just couldn't help but masturbate, even though I was still in the office. Please forgive this sincere confession. I want to submit a question to your sensibility and your experience as a woman, but first, so that you can fully understand the context of the situation in which I find myself and by necessity, I must first go back and describe in some detail the events at the very start of this adventure. 

I am a simple and quiet married man of 48 but when I was about 15, I spent a couple of months at the home of my childless uncle and aunt. They lived in a rambling old house where I was very comfortably accommodated in a guest room. As it was a hot summer, I slept naked beneath only a cotton sheet and as you can imagine, at that age my cock was virtually always hard, especially in the mornings. I had just opened my eyes on one such morning and lying on my back I couldn’t help but notice that, although covered by the fabric, my erection was very evident but before I could do anything else, the bedroom door opened. 

It was too late for me to do anything other than to pretend that I was still asleep and hope that my cock would wilt on its own accord. I heard my aunt enter the room which was light enough for her to see perfectly how things stood... I listened as she slowly approached before stopping from, what I guessed to be, no more than a metre from the bed. 

I felt sure that she was staring at me and I could have died of shame but still my penis refused to soften. I lay there pretending to slumber while my heart beat so fast that I was sure that it could be felt throughout the bedroom. The lady stayed for a few minutes, as if dumfounded, before silently retracing her steps and closing the door softly behind her. But an instant later, she knocked on the door and in a voice that betrayed nothing of what she had just seen, called out loudly; “Patrick, are you awake?” before walking briskly into the room, flinging open the curtains and, as if nothing had happened, cheerfully inviting me to join my uncle and her for breakfast. 

Pretending then to wake up, I sat up and mumbled a few words of thanks. Two days later my uncle had to return to work so I knew that he would be leaving the house before I got up. Any shame that I might have felt after that morning could not however suppress my excitement and for the past two days I had started to look at my aunt in a completely different light. When I wasn’t wanking over her I was thinking about her, brooding over her tits, her graceful figure and her hairy pussy which at that time, I had still not seen.


On the morning of my uncle’s departure, I woke early, too excited for sleep and from the noises downstairs I realised that my uncle was leaving. I could not resist ... with all the single-mindedness of young boys, I remained in bed but this time the sheet was moved to one side, barely covering my tightened balls while my cock was rock hard but seemed to harden even more with each approaching step as my aunt mounted the stairs and then walked along the landing. 

My plan was simple: to pretend to sleep and hope that, like the first time, she would enter my room without knocking ... but how long did she take? The minutes seemed like hours. Finally what I had hoped, happened and she silently entered the room before immediately stopping. Perhaps she had been undecided? Maybe she suspected that I had pretended to have been asleep? But then, regardless of any doubts, she once again approached the bed. 

In the shadows and between almost closed eyes, I tried to scrutinise butit was clear that she was looking at my erect cock. After a few minutes she went away without making any noise and didn’t even try to wake me up. This was repeated every morning for the next few days: I would wake at dawn trembling with anticipation and when I heard her on the stairs I would remove the sheet so as to flaunt my body and my engorged penis but always pretending to sleep. But even to an inexperienced young boy, it was evident that she came on purpose and that she loved to watch. 

So finally, despite my natural timidity, I decided to raise the stakes. On Friday morning, my aunt entered as usual, wearing a silk dressing gown that only served to emphasise the delicious curves of her body. As soon as her inspection was over and she was gone, as if gripped by an erotic fever, I grabbed the sheet and, holding it tightly around my shaft, I masturbated furiously until I pumped copious ribbons of thick cum into the cotton fabric. However, once my orgasm faded, I was at a loss as to what to do next. I was no more than a boy and terrified that my aunt would, seeing the big wet semen stain, immediately understand what it was ... but while I was still lying there desperately trying to think up some plausible explanation or method of hiding my crime, my aunt knocked briskly before immediately re-entering my room. I could barely hide my private parts with the damp sheet but like a shy schoolgirl, I instinctively sat up and did my best to cover up. She opened the curtains, told me to come down for breakfast and then, completely ignoring my total nakedness, she took the sheet from me and walked away saying; “We’ll wash this.” By now my head was spinning. Unable to handle the situation with the maturity of a grown man I was still horny enough to eagerly accept any invitation, any signal, that might be offered by my dear aunt. In my eyes she now seemed even more attractive, even more alluring and increasingly appetising and lovable. 

In short, I had lost my mind! But while on the one hand I fantasised like a madman, on the other, the strict confines of what was deemed acceptable by society held me back and I became a prisoner to my own indecision. 

I waited anxiously for the weekend to pass. But nothing happened on Monday morning and my erection collapsed like a souffle when my aunt called me from the kitchen telling me that breakfast was ready and that I was to come downstairs. However, it was summer and it was hot so my aunt dressed in short and flimsy clothes that I still believe to this day were more revealing and her general demeanour more relaxed than when my uncle was at home. 

She would often bend down and her attitude was more carefree as if not caring what she might reveal to my lustful gaze but what I remember most was the way that she always sat with her legs just wide enough apart to allow me to see her soft tender thighs and, then further up, in the damp shade, the glow of her silk panties.


From that day we began a mysterious relationship, always tacit and we never touched yet for me it was a fantastic adventure brim full of new pleasures. In fact, the next morning my aunt entered my room as I lay completely naked, my hard cock covered with my hand and as always, pretending to sleep; she in turn, pretended not to notice and didn’t even try to wake me, she just ... placed a small hand-towel on the bed, beside my pelvis, before pretending to leave. In reality she stopped motionless but still partially visible on the threshold of the door. 

My desire was strong but I was also gripped by a thousand fears. However, in the end I decided to continue pretending that I was alone so I made myself comfortable and with my cock standing fully to attention, started to jerk off. Her almost tangible presence sent me quite literally into raptures and just as I was about to cum, my back arched as if compelled by some animalistic force. 

A few moments later and hot jets of cum exploded from my livid glans, arcing up before falling back down on to my stomach, my chest and even a few drops on my face. 

I couldn’t be sure whether I heard her moan, but one thing is certain: when I had calmed down and wiped up all the sperm (as seemed right) with the towel, my aunt rushed into the room and without the slightest hint of shame, took the cum covered cloth and simply walked away, muttering something again about the need for its washing. From the next day, our secret morning appointment became further enriched by an overwhelming intimacy. As soon as her husband went away, she entered my room and through the shadows, approached my bed ... needless to say, my cock was now rock had and shamelessly pointing straight up. It was obvious that her legs were bare and as if to show me just how shameful she was too, with one swift movement she bent down but only a moment later did I realise just what she had done. 

She had taken off her panties and had then put them on the bed before hurrying away but, as before, then stood watching from the shadows of the open door. I wanted to faint, I was so excited! By now there was only silence between us but otherwise there were no secrets. I was all too aware that everything that she was doing was premeditated but I simply didn’t have the strength or the ability to push things further but surely she had to control herself to hold back, or at least I like to think so. Instinctively, I took my cock in one hand and with the other, brought her panties up to my face so I could smell them and my ears were by now ringing like an old coffee machine that was boiling over. 

Slowly and quite deliberately I started my customary morning wank, which I would never now have forgone and in response to my interpretation of her wishes, I was soon ejaculating into the skimpy panties which were immediately saturated with cum. It was at that moment, with my dick still twitching, that my aunt quickly approached, took the panties from me and, as I looked on in wide eyed amazement, slipped them back on as if she had just taken them from the drawer. 

Shiny trails soon appeared on her smooth thighs left by my fluid and sticky sperm which is an image that I have never forgotten and one that I have always tried to replicate in my adult encounters by smearing my sperm on the thighs of my companions. Immediately after, bathed in my semen, my aunt went to the bathroom and I only saw her again much later. 

In the fantastic days that followed, we repeated our strange and idiosyncratic interaction, with my aunt placing a little of everything on my bed which I would then cover with my sperm, be they stockings or bras but by far my favourite were her panties, her fantastic panties which I wanted to sniff for the rest of my life. But I just want to add that to my credit, almost every night I stoically tolerated the aching fullness of my teenage balls as I promised myself to remain as full as possible so as to be able to completely soak my fantastic auntie’s underwear the following morning. There was never anything else, we never touched each other though I did once catch a glimpse of her nude but I never got any further and though I am quite sure that she did, I never actually saw her masturbate. 

But this was over 30 years ago. Since then we have met only occasionally but never mentioned, not even with a knowing look, our most unusual passion. About a month ago my uncle passed away. 

Their home is in another county and hundreds of miles from mine but naturally I attended the funeral. My aunt was very pleased to see me and asked me to walk at her side at the front of the procession from the house to the parish church. After the service and having returned to her house with other relatives and a few family friends, finding herself alone with me in the kitchen, my aunt hugged me tightly in a most affectionate manner. 

“Your uncle and I always fondly remembered that summer you stayed here ... how we always had breakfast together ... So long ago now but such happy memories.” then, wiping the tears from her eyes she added; “Now that I am alone, I really hope you won’t forget about ... about ... us; I hope that maybe you will find some time to come and visit me?” 

I was stunned but also quite happy with the invitation and I don’t think I’m wrong if I tell you that I am sure that I glimpsed a little glint in her eyes. 

Giovanna, what more can I tell you? She is now over 60 years old and at least 20 years older than me but despite this, she has kept her extremely feminine, petite and shapely figure and I am sure that even if I didn’t have those past memories, I would still find her an attractive, even, dare I say, an extremely horny woman ... but, since this most recent conversation, these thoughts and desires have returned with a vengeance and are now even more exciting than ever. 

I could never have thought that I’d desire her so much but the thing is, I can’t be sure what exactly is on her mind. What should I do, Giovanna? You are a woman and it strikes me, a very experienced woman at that: what do you think? Has she forgotten our past secret? Perhaps, even though it was my uncle who was my blood relative, she considered our little dalliance to be incestuous and so, as a result, has hidden the shame away in a draw never to be opened or... does she still think about the many mornings that she stood close by me watching me shoot my load? 

If I go to her and try to start again where I left off, will I offend her or do you think that that is also what she wants? I am tormented and full of doubts; but there is one thing about which I am absolutely certain: if my aunt opens her door, her heart and even her thighs, this time it will no longer be just a wank, I want to fuck her and in all her holes ... repeatedly. 

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